Mellanox Hardware Support and Extended Warranty

What does Bronze, Silver and Gold SLA coverage mean?

Mellanox service products are tiered to provide you with the custom level of service you need to meet your business requirements and provide you with the highest levels of availability for your Mellanox solutions. Each one of these tiered offerings can be purchased as an upgrade (if purchased at the time of sale of your Mellanox Product) or during the warranty period. Customers can upgrade coverage after the warranty period has expired via Maintenance Renewals.

  • Bronze SLA offers extended hardware warranty and firmware release updates. Mellanox will be responsible for handling all service requests (SR) that are related to any firmware bug or erratic hardware behavior. In case of hardware failure, Mellanox will provide an advanced replacement RMA. This level of coverage does not include access to the self service support web.
  • Silver SLA is designed for business or commercial operations where system down time needs to be measured in hours, not days. If your operation is not managed after hours or on weekends, then the Silver level coverage is recommended. The Silver SLA offers a four (4) hour support response time during normal business hours as well as access to telephone technical support from the Local Technical Assist Center, which is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. This level of coverage includes access to the self service support Web.
  • Gold SLA provides the ultimate in peace of mind if you demand around-the-clock operation of your mission critical Mellanox products. Gold level coverage provides 24/ 7 telephone technical support 365 days of the year plus a two (2) hour response time by our highly trained field service force for hardware break-fix solutions. This level of coverage also includes access to the self service support web.

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Hardware Support and Extended Warranty


Mellanox Technologies provides a one-year limited hardware warranty on new Hardware Support and Extended Warranty purchased from Mellanox Store. We provide international shipping to over 220 countries and free ground shipping within the US for all orders over $499. Contact a Mellanox specialist for help with Mellanox Hardware Support and Extended Warranty or other Mellanox products.